Broadcasting Solutions

The right broadcasting solution starts with the right hardware and software combination.  Our solutions are tested, certified and fully supported 24 x 7.

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Solutions for the TV Industry

We have selected the best Hardware and Software solutions for TV Studios, TV Channels, Radio Stations and professionals in the publishing, advertising and communication.

Our industry experience includes a wide range of broadcast solutions/

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Solutions for Radio

We count on Hardware and Software Solutions for Radio Stations. Our offer is based in a complete and integrated solution for production, playout and distribution system designed for radio operators who needs a complete media convergence.

We deliver added value services through our Engineering Team who has formed in Radio Stations and can design and implement tailored solutions for you.

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Storage Solutions

Broadcasting media content is always a challenge. We eliminate storage complexity so that you can focus on broadcast content delivery.

Counting on leading storage solutions and with our expertise in IT Hybrid Architectures, Cloud, Storage, Data Security and Disaster Recovery we can guarantee the best solution for you.

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Graphics Solutions

Recognized worldwide, our graphics, video editing and entertainment solutions are aligned with our vision to offer just the best for your projects.

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Archiving Solutions

Media asset archiving is taking more and more importance as the media and entertainment industry continues it’s Digital Transformation. Our proposed solution is based on the latest technologies combining tape and disk tiered storage solutions.

Our professional team has the experience and knowledge to integrate the systems together with workflows and Media Asset Management so you can maximize your time.

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Broadcast and Editing

The Hardware is an essential component in the Broadcast infrastructure, that’s why we have selected only the best equipment and solutions to help you in your transformation process.

Servers, Workstations, Graphics Cards, Storage, Tape Library, Switches, Routers and Multiplexers are some of the products and solutions that we can provide to our customers.

HP Z Series workstations in Broadcasting

HP Z Series workstations in Broadcasting

Go behind the scenes with Jonathan Bird to see how only the HP Z Workstation works at the speed of his creativity.